Екатерина Мержевская

Ксения Рассадина


  • Schools: Quinnipiac University (undergraduate); Boston University (master).
  • Worked: 15yrs. in pharmaceuticals with a focus in oncology as a project manager

"I’ve recently moved back to Saint Petersburg after 28 years of living in America. I hold a master’s degree in project management from Boston University and a PMP certification. In the States, I worked 15 yrs in the pharmaceutical industry, doing various types of activities from laboratory work to launching new oncology drugs.  

Moving at the age of 8 to America without any knowledge of English was frustrating and overwhelming. In school, I couldn’t understand what was being asked of me, I couldn’t communicate my needs, nor could I interact with other children. Instead of playing with other children, I watched American tv. After 6 months, I started talking and then life got a bit easier. I’ve seen those around me struggle conversing with others which ended up being the limiting factor to assimilation and self-actualization.          

After enduring personal language challenges and witnessing the struggles that arise from weak language skills, I know first-hand the importance of conversational English. I have a deep appreciation for proactive learning of a second language and can help you to improve your conversational English know-how in everyday and professional settings, especially in areas of management and pharmaceuticals."

Мы рекомендуем обращаться к Екатерине, если вам интересен американский английский, а также ваша цель - это пользоваться английским в работе и для бизнеса.

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